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Low Pressure Moulding

Low pressure moulding is a process that uses thermoplastic polyamides injected at low temperature and low pressure. This process creates excellent sealing against water ingress and adverse environmental conditions. The process is used to encapsulate and environmentally protect electronic components and connectors, it is also used for sealing connectors and is used to create strain reliefs on cables and wires.

This process was initially developed by Henkel for the automotive industry but can be used on various applications where sealing and protection are required. Low pressure moulding has been used in areas such as industrial, medical and consumer products.

Low pressure moulding can also be used where delicate or sensitive components need to be over moulded that would be otherwise damaged during the normal injection moulding process. During this process moulding compounds are heated to have a viscosity of only a few thousand Centipoise (cp). This then means that injection into the mould-set cavities is at pressure as low as 25 psi thereby minimising the risk of damage to the components.

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