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Product Development

We can help you to bring your designs to life. We offer a full range of product development activities, from technical advice through prototyping to volume production. Our experienced team of engineers will work with you to ensure that your concepts can be manufactured efficiently and our in-house tool making and component manufacturing capabilities mean we can support your requirements whether it is for a 1-off or a complete program from prototype to production volumes. This page shows a few of the recent projects we have been involved with:

Connectors for LED Glass

LED Glass Connectors

Description: Single and multi-pole laminated connectors for discrete power connections for flat, ultra-thin lighting modules
Method: Technology used is the same as for Heated Screen Connectors, but on a smaller scale.

Prototype Fuel Cell Leadframe

Fuel Cell LeadframeDescription: 3D circuit to carry high current for a power module for electric vehicles. Method: Separate pressed copper circuits were laminated with insulating moulded wafers then finally encapsulated with insert moulding techniques.

Weatherproof Microwave Receiver

Microwave Receiver

Description: Weather-sealing cover for off-network communication devices to improve performance in harsh environments.
Method: Trials with Low Pressure Moulding and TPE / TPV materials to bond to a styrene cap and seal to a high pressure die cast horn unit.

Oil Level and Pressure Sensor Connector

Flylead Assembly - Oil Level & Pressure Sensor

Description: Overmoulded cable assembly to carry oil sensor signals from within the aggressive environment of the engine oil pan to the vehicle wiring loom whilst maintaining sump integrity.
Method: Two stage moulding using a specialist sealing material and a compatible overmould material to ensure full air-tight overmoulding and resistance to hot engine fluids.