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At R. A. Labone we offer a range of services for our Global client base. We have over 50 years of expert experience in manufacturing a varied range of assembly products. Our suite of precision machinery enables us to support requirements for intricate and high tolerance injection and insert moulding as cost effectively as possible. We are also experts in metal pressing and our machines enable us to work with a variety of materials that support requirements for complex and high tolerance parts.

In addition we have a full range of assembly operations including ultrasonic and resistance welding, high-pot continuity testing, automated cable cut, strip and termination, soldering and cable assemblies, tampo printing and low pressure moulding and encapsulation. Our experienced team will work with you to establish the best assembly solution for your needs.

We have our own fully equipped and modern toolroom where we have the latest technology including CNC Milling, Wire Erosion and EDM which we use for tool manufacture and maintenance. We manage large tooling programs by also sourcing tools from approved tool makers in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

At Labone we offer bespoke electrical connection solutions for glazing and solar panels. We are the leading global supplier of copper foil based connectors for laminated heated automotive windscreens, and also manufacture bespoke connectors for specialist architectural glazing where electrical power needs to be transmitted through the glass panels.

We are also subcontract manufacturers and suppliers for medical devices and medical equipment. We are a partner to Albert Medical Devices and have worked in partnership with them to create the Melio Leg Bag which is a discreet aid for managing urinary incontinence. We took the product from a single prototype and managed the process through to a fully tooled working device.

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Labone Castleside

Consett, UK

Injection Moulding, Assembly



Injection Moulding, Insert Moulding, Painting, Laser Etching, Vacuum Metallising, PVD Coating, Assembly, Automation Systems


Czech Republic

Injection Moulding, Insert Moulding, Assembly

Zlin Precision

Czech Republic

Injection Moulding, Insert Moulding, Vacuum Metallising, Assembly



Injection Moulding, Insert Moulding, Assembly